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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the Spartans react about their marooned troops?
(a) Spartans at home, eager to save their men, send peace envoys from Pylos to the Athenians.
(b) Spartans charge Pylos on the blind side.
(c) Spartans recall troops from Corcyra to march against Pylos.
(d) Spartans accept that their troops are lost.

2. By the end of Book Two, how widespread is the war?
(a) From the Peloponnesian coast all the way up into Thrace
(b) Limited to the Peleponnesian isthmus
(c) Up to the borders of the Persian Empire
(d) It is confined to Attica

3. What happens in Attica during the time of the battle at Amphipolis?
(a) All of Attica is annexed by Sparta.
(b) The Boeotians enjoy military success in Attica.
(c) The Crocyrans launch a successful attack.
(d) The farmers are allowed to return to their fields.

4. What conflict in the region occurs outside of Athens' political control?
(a) Corinth and Corcyra form a military alliance.
(b) In 435 BC, Corinth and Corcyra engage in military hostilities; both enjoy some successes but Corcyra appears to gain the advantage.
(c) Persia and Egypt sign treaties of cooperation.
(d) Cyprus begins to emerge as a military force.

5. Paragraphs 89 through118 are referred to as the Pentecontaetia and deal with what aspect of the history?
(a) In this segment, Thucydides examines a period of roughly fifty years leading up to the formal outbreak of hostilities.
(b) This segment deals with the five geographical areas of the major powers involved.
(c) The segment is used to give the five majoy reasons that tensions were running high.
(d) In this segment, Thucydides ennumerates the five main generals who led the wars.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who arrives in Sicily and changes the course of the conflict with Athens?

2. Where are Spartan ground forces marooned after the battle for Pylos?

3. What is Thucydides' conclusion about the ravages of the war?

4. For Athens in 425 BC, what funny thing happens on the way to Sicily?

5. What serious setback happens to Athens in 413 BC?

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