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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does a lunar eclipse enter into the Athenian plans to withdraw?
(a) It iss viewed as an omen and the Athenians wait too long to depart.
(b) It gives the Athenians a chance to withdraw in darkness.
(c) It gives the Syracusans a chance to attack in darkness.
(d) It terrifies the Syracusans and causes them to withdraw.

2. After the war begins, what diplomatic success does Athens have?
(a) Athens successfully launches an anti-Spartan publicity attack.
(b) Athens concludes alliances with Odrysian, Thrace, and Macedonia .
(c) Gaining a neutrality pact from Persia.
(d) Making a peace deal with Corinth.

3. What is the net result of Gylippus' demand for more and better triremes?
(a) The ships do not perform as expected.
(b) More of the fighting takes place on the sea.
(c) It bankrupts the country.
(d) A disastrous defeat of the Athenian fleet

4. How do scholars from other disciplines consider the value of Thucydides' work?
(a) The strange chronology makes it useless for other fields of study.
(b) Its' politics are not consistent with other writers' interpretations.
(c) Social analysts cannot get a picture of the development of democratic institutions.
(d) It provides enough corollary materials that is has been the subject of scrutiny across a diverse field of studies.

5. What natural phenomenon takes place in Italy in 426 BC?
(a) A meteor creates a vast crater in Italy.
(b) Mt. Aetna eruptes.
(c) Heavy rains and floods come that year.
(d) A tsunami hits southern Italy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Thucydides writing his History of the Peloponnesian War?

2. What is the resulting military action after the revolt of Chios?

3. At first, what action by Athens signifies a lack of understanding of the defeat at Syracuse?

4. How do the Athenians punish the Mytilene nobles after regaining the territory?

5. What desecration of religious idols is charged to Alcibiades?

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