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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the Corcyran fleet?
(a) It is lost in a freak storm.
(b) It is defeated by the Peloponesian fleet.
(c) It is sent to Mylitene.
(d) It is victorious over the Peloponesian fleet.

2. What transpires in Syracuse in 414 BC?
(a) Large financial resources reach Syracuse.
(b) Envoys pass between Athens and Sicily.
(c) Gylippus arrives in Syracuse and saves the city from defeat.
(d) Athens leaves Syracuse when Gylippus arrives.

3. What is the main concern after Athens fortified Pylos?
(a) The leading general fears an Athenian advance deep into the Peloponnesus.
(b) Sparta fears the Helots might join with the Athenians.
(c) Leading generals fear Athenians might carry the plague.
(d) Sparta fears that their citizens might defect.

4. What complication does geographic scope add to the difficulty of reading Book One?
(a) The geography is inexact based on maps that were not correct.
(b) The geographic scope of Book One, particularly throughout the Pentecontaetia, is vast and shifts rapidly.
(c) The geography uses names of places that were used only in thucydides' time.
(d) The geography is only hinted at and not spelled out clearly.

5. What desecration of religious idols is charged to Alcibiades?
(a) Setting fire to the temple of Apollo
(b) The stoning of the Oracle at Delphi
(c) The vandalism of the Hermae of Athens
(d) Knocking over the statues of Athena

Short Answer Questions

1. What unusual plan does Syracuse put into operation against Athens?

2. According to Cleon, why does the attack at Sphacteria stall?

3. How was Thucydides like news reporters today?

4. Who is the notable politician who is successful in diverting the attention of Sparta from the Athenians?

5. What does Thucydides say about the new Peloponnesian triremes?

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