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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the winter of 427 BC, what returns to Athens?
(a) The plague
(b) The Athenian soldiers from Corcyra
(c) The Athenian fleet
(d) The money owned to the Delian League

2. Paragraphs 89 through118 are referred to as the Pentecontaetia and deal with what aspect of the history?
(a) This segment deals with the five geographical areas of the major powers involved.
(b) In this segment, Thucydides ennumerates the five main generals who led the wars.
(c) The segment is used to give the five majoy reasons that tensions were running high.
(d) In this segment, Thucydides examines a period of roughly fifty years leading up to the formal outbreak of hostilities.

3. What happens in Attica during the time of the battle at Amphipolis?
(a) The Crocyrans launch a successful attack.
(b) The farmers are allowed to return to their fields.
(c) The Boeotians enjoy military success in Attica.
(d) All of Attica is annexed by Sparta.

4. Why is the Theban attack able to precipitate the war?
(a) Athens and Sparta both embrace the Theban attack as the justification for, and opportunity toward, a greater conflict.
(b) It threatenes to weaken the Spartan strength and made immediate war necessary.
(c) False information has Thebes invading Athens.
(d) There is a serious debate over which league would be allied to Thebes.

5. What is the major blow to Athens from the Mytilene revolt?
(a) Vast sums of tribute money no longer available
(b) The loss of triremes supplied by the island of Lesbos
(c) A potential blockade of Athenian waterways
(d) The defection of thousands of soldiers from Lesbos

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens at Amphipolis?

2. When Alcibiades is eventually recalled for blasphemy, what does he do?

3. Why does Thucydides create his own chronology for his history?

4. What problem soon arises for Athens?

5. Book One concludes in the winter before hostilities erupt. What date is given by modern scholars for this time?

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