History of the Peloponnesian War Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Book 1

• Thucydides introduces background information.

• The chronology is at times difficult to follow.

• Thucydides introduces his own method of chronology.
• The 479 BC defeat of Persia holds particular significance in the history of the region.

• The pending threat of Sparta causes stalling tactics while Athens' walls are erected.

• Themistocles is the dominant political figure while alliances are consolidated for Athens.
• A second defeat of Persian forces takes place in 476 BC.

• Athens' power grows with alliances and defeat of opposition factions.

• Attempt at colonization of Amphipolis fails.
• During 477 to 476 BC, there is revolt among Delian League members who tentatively form alliance with the Peloponnesian League.

• Around 441 BC, Athens once again is victorious over Persian forces.

• Sparta officially declares war in 432 BC but envoys engage in stalling tactics.

Book 2

• War is officially underway in five different geopolitical areas.

• Athens appears and becomes the most dominant force in the conflict at great...

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