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Short Answer Questions

1. When is the second bomb dropped on Nagasaki?

2. Who is the person Miss Sasaki thinks about while in the hospital?

3. At Asano Park, after Father Kleinsorge tries to settle down for the night, prays, and falls asleep, what wakes him up?

4. What does the doctor tell Father Kleinsorge at the hospital?

5. What does a young man who is staying at the same hospital as that of Miss Sasaki give her?

Short Essay Questions

1. What makes Father Kleinsorge a little hysterical, wanting to cry after feeling thirsty in the dreadful heat?

2. After he feels better, why is Father Kleinsorge able to enjoy himself at the hospital in Tokyo?

3. By mid-September, what is Dr. Sasaki's condition at the Red Cross Hospital?

4. Describe Mr. Tanaka.

5. How do the Japanese react to their Emperor's radio broadcast?

6. Who does Mr. Tanimoto keep trying to avoid at the park?

7. What is Dr. Fujii doing a month after the bombing?

8. How does Miss Sasaki spend the first night of the bombing?

9. What happens to Father Kleinsorge's physical condition a few weeks after the bombing?

10. What in particular makes Miss Sasaki uneasy when she sees the ruins of Hiroshima for the first time?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Weeks after the explosion, people experience radiation sickness.

1. How were some of the characters able to excel despite radiation sickness? Would the characters have been able to push as far had they not experienced the trauma of the atomic bomb and radiation sickness?

2. What immediate actions could the Japanese or other governments, like that of the United states, have done to help ease the peoples' radiation sickness?

Essay Topic 2

The Reverend Mr. Tanimoto and Father Wilhelm Kleinsorge both seek to convert people to Christianity.

Part 1) Compare and contrast the characters of Mr. Tanimoto to that of Father Kleinsorge. How are they similar? How are they different?

Part 2) Is Father Kleinsorge more concerned with saving lives or with converting people to Christianity? What about in the case of Mr. Tanimoto? Cite three examples that prove your theory.

Part 3) Discuss the morality behind Father Kleinsorge's influence over Miss Sasaki's life choices.

Essay Topic 3

"There, in the tin factory, in the first moment of the atomic age, a human being was crushed by books," the words at the end of Chapter 1. What is the author saying about technology and the atomic age in this quotation? Cite three examples that prove your theory.

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