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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Details are Being Investigated.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Before the bomb falls, what does everyone in Hiroshima expect to suffer?
(a) The atomic bomb.
(b) A hydrogen bomb.
(c) Poison gas.
(d) Massive B-29 raids.

2. Why does Father Kelinsorge go to the police station the day after the bombing?
(a) To see if they needed any help.
(b) To ask if they could assist in bringing doctors to Asano Park.
(c) To fill out a claim form for property damage.
(d) To find the parents of two little children.

3. What happens to the climate in Asano Park?
(a) A whirlwind rips through the park.
(b) Rain smelling like gas starts pouring down.
(c) Snow begins to fall.
(d) A sandstorm rips through the park.

4. What is Father Wilhelm Kleinsorge doing when the bomb falls?
(a) He is lying on a cot reading a Jesuit magazine.
(b) He is praying while lying on a cot.
(c) He is writing a letter while lying on a cot.
(d) He is sleeping on a cot.

5. After the explosion, what does Father Kleinsorge run around in?
(a) A heavy coat.
(b) His pajamas.
(c) His bathrobe.
(d) His underwear.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Japanese call the B-29?

2. How does Mr. Tarimoto react when he sees his wife?

3. What are the huge drops of water falling from the sky?

4. At Asano Park, how do the wounded die?

5. What is Mrs. Halsuyo Nakamura's profession?

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