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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Details are Being Investigated.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the civilians hear on the radio that brings them tears?
(a) Their government promising to rebuild their homes.
(b) The pilot of Enola Gay saying he didn't realize the magnitute of what he was doing.
(c) People expressing the horros they'd undergone as a result of the bombing.
(d) The Emperor's voice.

2. Mr. Tanimoto carries water from the river to the people, an act which...
(a) Saves a number of people.
(b) He regrets having done.
(c) Turns out to be a mistake.
(d) He is proud to have been able to do.

3. At Asano Park, how do the wounded die?
(a) They beg to be treated.
(b) They complain the whole way through.
(c) They die quietly.
(d) They scream in pain.

4. What do people hear prior to the bomb dropping?
(a) The warning siren.
(b) A plane flying over.
(c) A radio announcement assuring everyone that all is safe.
(d) The all-clear sound.

5. In general, the survivors of Hiroshima...
(a) They assisted only their relatives or immediate neighbors.
(b) They tried to help everyone around them.
(c) They were too shocked to help anyone but themselves.
(d) They only assisted the women, children and elders.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mrs. Halsuyo Nakamura's profession?

2. Why does Dr. Fujii have to get up early on the morning the bomb is dropped?

3. What does Dr. Sasaki eventually get permission from the Red Cross Hospital to do?

4. How many patients does Dr. Fujii have prior to the bombing?

5. What does Dr. Fujii offer the Jesuit when they find him at eleven o'clock in the morning?

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