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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Aftermath.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Father Kleinsorge that eventually leads to his death?
(a) He is diagnosed with cancer.
(b) He gets into a car accident.
(c) He works all night treating orphans that recently came to the chapel.
(d) He slips and falls on an icy path.

2. After 19 straight hours of gruesome work, what does Dr. Sasaki and other survivors of the hospital staff do?
(a) They break up in search of other doctors.
(b) They go behind the hospital to eat some biscuits and rice balls.
(c) They leave the hospital.
(d) They lay down in hiding behind the hospital to catch some sleep.

3. What does one of the two girls who Mr. Tanimoto rescues keep complaining about?
(a) She complains that her burns are too painful.
(b) She complains that she is hot.
(c) She complains that she is cold.
(d) She complains that she is very nauseous.

4. When Father Kleinsorge arrives to the hospital, what condition is he in?
(a) He is bleeding profusely.
(b) He has a terrible rash all over.
(c) He is terribly pale and very shaky.
(d) He is unconscious.

5. Why is Mrs. Nakamura's neighbor tearing down his house before the bombing?
(a) It lies in a dangerous spot.
(b) He wants to build a small shelter instead.
(c) It lies in the path of an air-raid-defense fire lane.
(d) He wants to build a new home.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dr. Terufumi Sasaki do without a permit?

2. What do Japanese scientists announce after having investigated Hiroshima?

3. In Chapter 3, what gesture makes Father Kleinsorge a little hysterical and want to cry suddenly?

4. What rumor is spread as a result of people feeling sick nearly a month after the atomic bomb?

5. What does Mrs. Nakamura do with the sewing machine prior to leaving her home?

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