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Hannah Hurnard
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the first lesson Much-Afraid learned on her long journey to the High Places?
(a) That she must accept all that the Shepherd allowed to happen to her.
(b) That she had to learn to think for herself.
(c) That she had to lose her life to gain it.
(d) That she grew stronger because she was forced to use muscles she didn't know she had.

2. When Much-Afraid called upon the Shepherd in the Valley of Loss what did she ask him to do?
(a) To join her and her companions.
(b) To help her do exactly what he asked and not turn away.
(c) To take her back to the Valley of Humiliation.
(d) To skip the rest of the journey and take her to the High Places right away.

3. What warning did the Shepherd give Much-Afraid and her companions before they continued their journey through the Forest of Danger and Tribulation?
(a) He told her he could see her enemies lurking in the woods.
(b) He told them to stay close together.
(c) He said she should climb a tree if she runs into trouble.
(d) He said she was going to have problems along the path.

4. When Much-Afraid and her companions got to the place on the mountain where the Shepherd had directed Much-Afraid to go, what did they find?
(a) A deep grave.
(b) A wide gravelike canyon.
(c) A small hole in the ground.
(d) A canyon as deep as the Grand Canyon.

5. After coming out of the mist and finding the Shepherd, what did Much-Afraid admit about her feelings toward her companions?
(a) That she couldn't wait until she no longer needed them.
(b) That she looked upon them as friends.
(c) That she thought they were strange but okay.
(d) That she thought they were heavy handed in their treatment of her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the Shepherd?

2. What were the new names given to Suffering and Sorrow?

3. What surprise did Much-Afraid and her companions have when they got to the foot of the second mountain?

4. As they walked through the mist, what did Much-Afraid finally do so she would not have to listen to the taunts from her family?

5. What did Much-Afraid see on the altar the morning after her offering?

Short Essay Questions

1. Before Much-Afraid was anointed, what happened to the Shepherd?

2. What did the King tell Grace and Glory when she spoke to him about the feelings she was having about her family?

3. When Much-Afraid, Sorrow, and Suffering finally got to a graveyard-like setting, they were repulsed by the scene. When they came upon the deep canyon, what did they do?

4. What happened when Much-Afraid thought about throwing away all her memory stones?

5. What happened when Much-Afraid got out of the rocky pool she had bathed in?

6. When did Much-Afraid realize she finally had hinds' feet?

7. After getting soaked from the storm, and walking around in the heavy mist, what weakness did the Fearling clan target when they made their next verbal attack on Much-Afraid and her companions?

8. As Much-Afraid and her companions started through the Forests of Danger and Tribulations, what did Much-Afraid do when her enemy, Craven Fear, tormented her about the impending storm?

9. When Much-Afraid awakened after sacrificing the need for human love that had been growing in her heart, what did she find?

10. How did Much-Afraid react when the Shepherd suggested in Chapter 12 that he really might deceive her?

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