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Hannah Hurnard
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the Voice tell Much-Afraid to do after she tried to drink the foul water?
(a) Break off a piece of branch from the tree growing beside the spring and throw it into the water.
(b) She was to get the water directly below the tree that grew by the spring.
(c) She was to stir the water with a tree branch and it would become drinkable.
(d) She was to go to another spring where the water was fresh.

2. What happened to the stones Much-Afraid had collected?
(a) They turned into gems for many rings to wear.
(b) They turned into gems the Shepherd put in her crown.
(c) She lost them on the trail.
(d) They were made into a crown for her to wear.

3. What was in the valley where the King of Love took Grace and Glory and her companions?
(a) A giant pool with servents to care for them.
(b) It was filled with beautiful gardens with every flower, herb, and spice imaginable.
(c) A castle that was built just for them.
(d) A home with many rooms, surrounded by every luxury imaginable.

4. As she looked at each of the memory stones she had collected what did Much-Afraid remember?
(a) Songs she had learned from Sorrow and Suffering.
(b) Bible verses and promises the Shepherd made.
(c) She remembered her family back in the Valley of Humiliation.
(d) She remembered her trip up until then.

5. Who was the King of Love, and how did he anoint Much-Afraid?
(a) No one knows who the King of Love really is, but he anointed her with oil.
(b) The Shepherd is the King of Love and he baptized her by standing with her beneath the waterfalls.
(c) The Shepherd transformed into the King of Love and took a burning coal and touched it to her lips.
(d) The King of Love is the Shepherd's father and he baptized her in the water.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Much-Afraid do at the river the morning after her offering?

2. How did Much-Afraid feel in the morning after her offering on the altar?

3. What did Much-Afraid see on the altar the morning after her offering?

4. What did Much-Afraid reply to the question the Shepherd asked when they were alone after coming out of the mist?

5. How is the Shepherd dressed when Much-Afraid meets him on the top of a peak where she had leaped after realizing she now had hinds' feet?

Short Essay Questions

1. How fitting was the new name the King gave Much-Afraid?

2. What did the Shepherd show Much-Afraid after they took the chairs to the top of another mountain?

3. What did the King tell Grace and Glory when she spoke to him about the feelings she was having about her family?

4. What did Grace and Glory start to think about when she realized she could look down and see her old home from the High Places?

5. What happened when Much-Afraid thought about throwing away all her memory stones?

6. What did the Shepherd say when he came to Much-Afraid in the cabin where she and her companions took refuge from the floods?

7. While in the Valley of Loss, Much-Afraid was extremely frightened and felt as though she was looking down into the abyss of horror. What did she say when the Shepherd came to her?

8. When Much-Afraid could not remove the need for human love growing in her heart herself, what did she ask the priest do do?

9. What happened when Much-Afraid got out of the rocky pool she had bathed in?

10. When Much-Afraid, Sorrow, and Suffering finally got to a graveyard-like setting, they were repulsed by the scene. When they came upon the deep canyon, what did they do?

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