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Hannah Hurnard
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the Shepherd compare the flowers to the human soul?
(a) Everyone loves to see the most beautiful.
(b) Human's must be careful not to be crushed like the flowers.
(c) The most wonderful of all may never be seen by another person.
(d) The King of Love reveres that which stands out the most.

2. What happened when the Shepherd walked by Much-Afraid's cottage expecting her to meet him?
(a) All the the above
(b) Her door was bolted.
(c) She was trapped by the Fearling Family.
(d) Coward tightly covered her mouth with his hand.

3. How does Pride treat Much-Afraid after he catches up with her?
(a) He treats her as a simpleton.
(b) He is actually quite nice.
(c) He treats her with shame for the way she was treated before.
(d) He belittles her.

4. After seeing what was growing in her heart, Much-Afraid built another altar and laid what upon it?
(a) She plucked the flower from her heart and laid it on the altar.
(b) Her heart with the little golden flower.
(c) She put her bag of stones on the altar.
(d) She gathered sticks and leaves and put them on the altar with nothing else.

5. Unable to fall back to sleep the night following her visit from the Fearlings, what did Much-Afraid do after she got out of bed?
(a) Went for a walk.
(b) Had some warm milk.
(c) Sat and read for a while.
(d) Dressed and left her cottage in search of the Shepherd.

Short Answer Questions

1. Feeling her resolve to make the journey to the High Places weakened by Pride's words, who did Much-Afraid call upon for help?

2. What is Much-Afraid's last name?

3. What does the Shepherd promise before he leaves Much-Afraid and her companions to travel alone in Chapter 7?

4. What did the Shepherd ask Much-Afraid after showing her the potter working clay?

5. What was Much-Afraid thinking about her companions as they walked through the hill country?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the name "Much-Afraid" fit the main character's persona?

2. What did Much-Afraid find growing in her heart?

3. Why is the golden flower named Acceptance-with-Joy?

4. What did Much-Afraid do when she heard she had missed the Shepherd?

5. What did the Fearling Family do to try to stop Much-Afraid from leaving in Chapter 2?

6. How did Much-Afraid deal with the frightening picture Craven Fear had created about going up the steep precipice?

7. What was the Shepherd's promise just before he left Much-Afraid, Sorrow, and Suffering to begin their journey?

8. Why was Much-Afraid so upset when she awoke in the middle of the night following the assault of the Fearling clan?

9. What did Sorrow and Suffering suggest to help Much-Afraid's injury heal so she could finish the trip up the precipice?

10. The next time Much-Afraid was confronted by one of the Fearlings it was at the Old Sea Wall. What happened?

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