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Hannah Hurnard
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Sorrow tell Much-Afraid to do because her terrible fear of climbing the precipice as well as the fear of being made worse by the taunts of her family members?
(a) Not to listen they were only words.
(b) Call on the Shepherd for help.
(c) To stop cowering like a foot and stand up for herself.
(d) To throw more rocks.

2. As she faced the precipice, what was the assault on Much-Afraid from her family?
(a) Discouraging words, insisting she had been a fool to believe the Shepherd.
(b) Resentment insisted she should be angry with the Shepherd for tricking her.
(c) The entire family trapped and bound her.
(d) Pride and Self-Pity told her she was better off at home.

3. Who did Much-Afraid see when she looked over the edge of the precipice?
(a) Craven Fear and Self-Pity.
(b) Resentment and Pride.
(c) All five of her enemies.
(d) Pride and Craven Fear.

4. What did Much-Afraid find when when got to the sheepfolds?
(a) The sheep were stirring.
(b) They were preparing to leave.
(c) No one was tending the sheep.
(d) Two undershepherds watching over the flocks of sheep.

5. What awakened Much-Afraid from her sleep the night after the foiled abduction?
(a) An agonizing pain.
(b) The voices of the Fearlings outside her window.
(c) The Shepherd asking why she never came.
(d) A nightmare about marrying Craven Fearling.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who rescued Much-Afraid when she finally called for help?

2. While at the foot of the precipice, what did Suffering finally do to get Much-Afraid to call the Shepherd?

3. Of what was Much-Afraid most frightened after she awoke?

4. What did the Shepherd tell Much-Afraid when they met at the edge of the woods?

5. When the Shepherd takes Much-Afraid into the pyramid what does he show her?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Much-Afraid find growing in her heart?

2. Why is Much-Afraid so unwilling to have the twins, Sorrow and Suffering, as her companions on the journey to the High Places?

3. What did Sorrow and Suffering suggest to help Much-Afraid's injury heal so she could finish the trip up the precipice?

4. What did Much-Afraid do when she heard she had missed the Shepherd?

5. Why did the Shepherd suggest Much-Afraid and the twins begin their trek up the mountain that evening?

6. What did Much-Afraid learn was the second letter in the alphabet of Love?

7. Why was Much-Afraid so drawn to the Chief Shepherd?

8. Why is Much-Afraid so excited at the end of Chapter 8?

9. As one begins reading, what is quickly realized about the names of the people in the story?

10. How did the Shepherd compare the flow of a stream downward to what people on the High Places of Love can do?

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