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Hannah Hurnard
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15, The Floods.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Much-Afraid realize after Suffering asked her what she did that morning when she went off by herself and found the red flower?
(a) She realized she was holding everyone back.
(b) She realized she was acting like a big baby.
(c) She realized she was not practicing the second letter of the alphabet of Love.
(d) She realized she was stronger than she thought.

2. When the Shepherd came to Much-Afraid in the cabin what did He ask her to do?
(a) He asked her to offer her heart as an offering.
(b) He asked her to trim the plant of love growing in her heart and burn the branches on an altar.
(c) He asked her to offer the natural need for human love growing inside her heart as a burnt offering.
(d) He asked her to offer herself as a burnt offering.

3. What did Much-Afraid find growing out of a tiny crevice in a rock where she and the twin sisters spent the night?
(a) A blood-red flower.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Some moss.
(d) A golden flower.

4. How did Much-Afraid and her companions cross the place in the path that had completely broken away?
(a) They swung from ropes.
(b) They jumped.
(c) A plank had been laid across the open area.
(d) Someone built a stone bridge.

5. What did the Voice tell Much-Afraid to do after she tried to drink the foul water?
(a) She was to stir the water with a tree branch and it would become drinkable.
(b) She was to go to another spring where the water was fresh.
(c) She was to get the water directly below the tree that grew by the spring.
(d) Break off a piece of branch from the tree growing beside the spring and throw it into the water.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Much-Afraid see when she looked over the edge of the precipice?

2. How did the rest of her family feel when they realized Much-Afraid had gone with the Shepherd?

3. How many days passed before Much-Afraid and the twins reached the place where the Shepherd had told Much-Afraid He wanted her to go?

4. Why was Pride chosen for his designated task in the chapter, "Encounters with Pride"?

5. What did the Fearling family decide to do about Much-Afraid leaving them?

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