Hinds' Feet on High Places Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Hannah Hurnard
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Essay Topic 1

To understand the novel, Hinds' Feet on High Places, one must first understand exactly what an allegory is. Please define allegory, and then explain what makes this story an allegory? Please use specific examples from the story to support your answer, such as the symbolism of the names used in the story, or the metaphors the locations represent.

Essay Topic 2

What do the different characters show the readers about themselves? Do the characters show the readers anything about themselves, like traits that a positive or negative in some way? List some characters and their traits and explain how they may all relate to a single person.

Essay Topic 3

How could the physical locations Much-Afraid travels through on her journey be compared to one's journey through life? List some of the locations and give examples of what they might symbolize?

Essay Topic 4

Read the songs of Canticles...

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