Hinds' Feet on High Places Character Descriptions

Hannah Hurnard
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Much-Afraid, Grace, and Glory

This main character is on a journey to the High Places.

Chief Shepherd, Prince of Love, King of Love, The Priest

This character resides in the High Places and welcomes those who love him.

Sorrow and Suffering, Joy and Peace

These companions travel with the main character to the High Places.

Fearing Relatives, Family of Fearings

These people want the main character back and will do everything they can to get her.

Mrs. Dismal Forebodings

This character raised the main character.

Gloomy and Spiteful

These cousins to the main character made poor choices in marriage.

Craven Fear

This nasty cousin is supposed to marry the main character.


This family member tries to choke the main character to prevent her from calling for help.

Mrs. Valiant

This courageous neighbor saves the main character by scaring her captors with a threat to call the One...

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