Objects & Places from Hillbilly Elegy

J.D. Vance
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Vance defines this term as one of a community of people from the Midwest to the South in rural, blue-collar regions. Vance himself identifies as one of these people, who are the focus on this memoir.


This is the heritage that Vance identifies with and describes largely inhabiting the region where he grew up.

Jackson, Kentucky

This town is where Vance's grandmother and grandfather were born and grew up. It is a community where Vance spent many summers at the home of his great-grandmother.

Middletown, Ohio

This is the town where Vance was born and raised. It is described as a small, industrial city where many hillbilly families migrated to in seeking work in the steel industry.


This steel company formed the backbone for the small town where Vance grew up. When it merged and then downsized, the town diminished as well.

Rust Belt


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