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Short Answer Questions

1. In essay 16: 'Postcards from an Imaginary Mom', how long was Barbara Kingsolver on book tour for?

2. When does Barbara Kingsolver say Camille feels bad about being from a divorced home?

3. Why does Barbara Kingsolver say the people are kept in the dark about wars?

4. What question did Barbara Kingsolver dislike having to answer?

5. Why were Barbara Kingsolver's friends jealous of her book tour?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Kingsolver reluctant to join the Rock Bottom Remainders?

2. How did Kingsolver learn to handle the question 'what is your book about'?

3. What did Kingsolver remember about her hometown in Kentucky when she took her daughter to visit there?

4. Why was Barbara Kingsolver told to 'love it or leave it'?

5. What does Barbara Kingsolver find when she hiked into the bottom of the volcano at Haleakala?

6. What kinds of response did Barbara Kingsolver typically receive from fans?

7. Describe Barbara Kingsolver's visit to Ouidah.

8. Why was Kingsolver opposed to the Gulf War?

9. What was Barbara Kingsolver's experience with the Rock Bottom Remainders?

10. What threats to the Hawaiian ecosystems does Barbara Kingsolver describe?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What contradictions are at the center of Barbara Kingsolver's work? What questions does she puzzle over without resolving them? What balances between irreconcilable oppositions does she strike?

Essay Topic 2

What does Barbara Kingsolver tell us about her marriages in these essays? What are her thoughts on marriage? Does Kingsolver's divorce and re-marriage form a consistent theme, or just a loose background presence?

Essay Topic 3

Where is the climax of this book? Are there different climaxes? What questions does each climax resolve? What questions does each climax leave unanswered?

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