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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When would Barbara Kingsolver remember her childhood?
(a) When life got her down.
(b) When she started a new book.
(c) When she was anxious about her siblings.
(d) When she thought life was too easy.

2. Whom did Barbara Kingsolver silently thank during her visit to Horse Lick Creek?
(a) Her parents.
(b) The Native Americans.
(c) Her daughter.
(d) All her relations.

3. What does Barbara Kingsolver say was the worst thing about book tour?
(a) The constant travel.
(b) The small crowds.
(c) Missing her daughter.
(d) The fake questions.

4. What information does Barbara Kingsolver say the Pentagon suppressed?
(a) Numbers of Iraqi war dead.
(b) Number of Americans killed.
(c) Number of oil wells captured by Americans.
(d) Number of soldiers in Iraq.

5. What does Barbara Kingsolver say is the consequence of watching violent films?
(a) Understanding the consequences of violence.
(b) Acting out violently.
(c) Protecting against violence.
(d) Understanding the roots of violence.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why couldn't Barbara Kingsolver refuse to go on book tour?

2. What did Barbara Kingsolver build behind her house?

3. What was unique about Haleakala?

4. What did Barbara Kingsolver want her daughter to learn at the Heard Museum?

5. What does Barbara Kingsolver use less as she wrote her books?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Kingsolver's training as an animal behaviorist.

2. What does Barbara Kingsolver say about how the Africans greeted her?

3. Why was Barbara Kingsolver reticent about visiting the Titan Missile Museum?

4. What kinds of response did Barbara Kingsolver typically receive from fans?

5. What were Barbara Kingsolver's thoughts about going on book tour?

6. What critique does Barbara Kingsolver make of violence in American art and culture?

7. What note does "High Tide in Tucson" end on?

8. What does Barbara Kingsolver say about the difference between her fiction and her non-fiction?

9. What threats to the Hawaiian ecosystems does Barbara Kingsolver describe?

10. What did Barbara Kingsolver and her daughter do at the Heard Museum?

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