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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What lesson does Barbara Kingsolver say she is teaching her daughter?
(a) That a marriage can remain intact through changes.
(b) That a woman can be head of a household.
(c) That a woman can benefit by divorce.
(d) That a woman has freedom to choose her sexual partners.

2. Where did Barbara Kingsolver's creature live?
(a) A birdcage.
(b) A terrarium.
(c) A shoebox.
(d) An aquarium.

3. What did H. H. Goddard devise?
(a) Intelligence tests for immigrants.
(b) Tests for determining whether to admit immigrants.
(c) Statistical measurement techniques for bones.
(d) Bone-dating tests for archaeologists.

4. What does anthropologist Adrienne Zihlman say about the African savannah?
(a) That it was the most hostile environment humans could have encountered at that stage of development.
(b) That it was the place where human development was first tested.
(c) That it was the most important environment for human development.
(d) That it created a certain kind of human creature, but the development would have been different in other environments.

5. Why are children difficult in the developmental stage Camille was in?
(a) They are trying to establish independence.
(b) They cannot understand people's words.
(c) They cannot judge the impact of their actions.
(d) They cannot sympathize with other people.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Barbara Kingsolver's meditations on private property relate to her thoughts about moving to Tucson?

2. What was uncommon about the beach where Barbara Kingsolver collected stones and shells?

3. What did living in this place make Barbara Kingsolver see about how Americans see children?

4. What did Barbara Kingsolver name her creature?

5. How long ago did Barbara Kingsolver vacation in the Bahamas?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the title of this essay signify?

2. What is Barbara Kingsolver's philosophy of housekeeping?

3. What did Barbara Kingsolver find when she started to read?

4. How did Barbara Kingsolver get Buster?

5. What is the 'high tide of Tucson' a metaphor for?

6. What inequality does Barbara Kingsolver explore in housekeeping?

7. How does Barbara Kingsolver characterize the population of Tucson when she lives there?

8. What does Barbara Kingsolver say was the reaction to her books in her hometown?

9. How did the librarian save Barbara Kingsolver from her school's limitations?

10. What does Barbara Kingsolver say about who should be a parent?

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