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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the 'Tide of Tucson'?
(a) The rhythm of the creature's hunger and dormancy.
(b) The rhythm of visitors in Barbara Kingsolver's house.
(c) The rhythm by which the creature moved about.
(d) The threat that global warming would bring the ocean to Arizona.

2. How did Barbara Kingsolver find a way to co-exist peacefully with her environment?
(a) By getting used to animals in her garden.
(b) By enclosing her garden.
(c) By shooting the animals.
(d) By trapping and relocating the animals.

3. What would Camille ignore, according to Barbara Kingsolver?
(a) Her mother's instructions about making breakfast.
(b) Her mother's requests to pick up the pace.
(c) Her mother's requests not to make a mess.
(d) Her mother's threats.

4. Whose loyalty does Barbara Kingsolver describe when she describes human loyalty?
(a) Gang members.
(b) Husbands.
(c) Sports fans.
(d) Political subjects.

5. Who made it through the trying times most successfully, according to Laurence Steinberg?
(a) Parents with extensive support networks.
(b) Parents with satisfying careers.
(c) Parents with bigger houses.
(d) Parents with higher incomes.

6. What did Camille do on purpose, when Barbara Kingsolver warned her not to?
(a) Spilled milk on herself.
(b) Knocked over orange juice.
(c) Cut her finger.
(d) Tracked mud into the kitchen.

7. What does Barbara Kingsolver say Wilson ignores?
(a) Natural forces.
(b) Environmental influences on behavior.
(c) Modern social forces.
(d) Genetic influences.

8. How does Barbara Kingsolver characterize monogamy?
(a) A common practice in primates.
(b) Common in vertebrates.
(c) The rule of nature.
(d) Rare in nature.

9. What does Barbara Kingsolver join in the beginning of Essay 9: 'The Muscle Mystique'?
(a) A study group for a science class.
(b) A dieting group.
(c) A health club.
(d) A scientific study of weight and energy.

10. What does Barbara Kingsolver say early anthropologists say about hunting?
(a) That it was more important than is thought.
(b) That it was the first thing to distinguish humans from other creatures.
(c) That it was the first evidence of social evolution influencing species evolution.
(d) That it was the basis for all human religions that followed.

11. What would Barbara Kingsolver find on the sidewalk in front of her house before she moved to Tucson?
(a) Pornographic images.
(b) Empty beer bottles.
(c) Drug paraphernalia.
(d) Threats.

12. How does Barbara Kingsolver characterize the mating ritual of the octopus?
(a) Violent.
(b) Loving.
(c) Accidental.
(d) Repetitive.

13. What period did Steinberg conclude was most trying or parents?
(a) Adolescence.
(b) Terrible twos.
(c) The first year.
(d) The first two years of college.

14. How does Barbara Kingsolver describe herself when she was in high school?
(a) A socialite.
(b) A goody-goody.
(c) A nerd.
(d) An egghead.

15. What does Barbara Kingsolver think her creature might want to change?
(a) His color.
(b) His atmosphere.
(c) His 'uniform'.
(d) His feathers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What omen accompanied Barbara Kingsolver's arrival in La Gomera?

2. What does Barbara Kingsolver say her school system would not have prepared her for?

3. Where did Barbara Kingsolver travel to in 1991?

4. What was Barbara Kingsolver fleeing from in the U.S.?

5. What argument of E.O. Wilson's does book reject?

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