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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Stephanie decide who to invite?
(a) She just decides it's too much hassle and goes to sleep.
(b) Opens the phone book and the name closest in the alphabet to the page in the phone book is who she calls.
(c) Thinks of a number between one and ten and picks it herself.
(d) Draws a name out of the bowl.

2. What do Stephanie and Lula do at the close of chapter 13?
(a) Go shopping.
(b) Let the air out of Bunchy's tires.
(c) Apprehend a FTA.
(d) Eat pizza.

3. Who does Stephanie want to invite over after the excitement of the arrest dies down?
(a) She cannot decide between Ranger and Morelli.
(b) Morelli
(c) Either Ranger or Morelli, whichever is not busy.
(d) Ranger.

4. What check does Stephanie pick up?
(a) A loan from her mother.
(b) A rebate check from a purchase Stephanie makes.
(c) Her tax return check.
(d) The one to the cable company.

5. Where does Stephanie spy Shempsky?
(a) At the departure gate.
(b) In the airport bar.
(c) At a toll booth.
(d) At the ticket counter.

6. What does Stephanie notice behind the butcher's?
(a) A litter of kitten.
(b) A bunch of human hair.
(c) Bloodstains.
(d) A stucco wall like the one in the pictures.

7. What does Stephanie demand of Morelli when he makes her come inside his place?
(a) For Morelli to tell her what he knows about her uncle's disappearance.
(b) That he take her to see Bunchy.
(c) To demand to know who he is dating.
(d) That he kiss her.

8. Who grabs Stephanie and tries to force her out of the building?
(a) Shempsky.
(b) Briggs.
(c) Bunchy.
(d) Rameriz.

9. Where does Stephanie see Rameriz?
(a) In Ranger's vehicle.
(b) In the grocery store.
(c) Outside the courthouse.
(d) Outside her bedroom window.

10. Why does Stephanie take the Buick to the airport?
(a) She feels safe since it's like a tank.
(b) Because nothing bad has ever happened to the Buick.
(c) She knows her uncle Fred will need it no longer.
(d) She is beginning to like it.

11. What does Ranger bring Stephanie the next morning?
(a) A Ram truck.
(b) A Mustang.
(c) A Porsche.
(d) A BMW.

12. Who is Vito Grizolli?
(a) Morelli's uncle.
(b) Terry's father.
(c) Stephanie's favorite high school teacher.
(d) Terry's uncle.

13. To what does Stephanie agree?
(a) Going with Morelli to Jersey City.
(b) Introducing Bunchy to Aunt Mabel.
(c) Allowing Briggs to stay at her place.
(d) Helping Lula convince her friend that Lula is changed.

14. Who does Stephanie go to see about another dispute?
(a) The courts who do not give Stephanie credit for an FTA she brings in.
(b) A woman whose husband had a similar dispute with the cable company that Fred had with the garbage company.
(c) The grocer who overcharges her grandmother.
(d) The bank about an overdraft charge on her statement.

15. What is odd about the checks Stephanie shows Leona?
(a) The signature is smeared on both of them.
(b) Nothing that Leona can see.
(c) The checks were never stamped with a cancel.
(d) The date is off by a year on both of them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stephanie decide to wear to the wedding instead of the dress she had originally planned to wear?

2. What does Stephanie think when he sees a picture of Lipinski's wife?

3. Why does Stephanie spend the rest of the night on her couch?

4. Where does Stephanie go for dinner?

5. Who drives Stephanie home?

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