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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Stephanie learn her uncle spends time?
(a) At the pool hall.
(b) At the casinos.
(c) At the racetrack.
(d) With a girlfriend.

2. What does the man following Stephanie want?
(a) To be a part of Stephanie's investigation into Fred's disappearance.
(b) To speak to her about Ranger.
(c) To have dinner with her.
(d) To take her to try some shrooms.

3. What does Stephanie say she will do after talking to Larry at the garbage company?
(a) End her account there.
(b) Bring in her uncle's check the next day.
(c) Pay the balance of the bill the next day.
(d) Talk to the President of the company.

4. With what does Ranger want to help Stephanie?
(a) To fix the brakes in her car.
(b) To fix the fuel pump in her car.
(c) To fix the starter in her car.
(d) A re-decorating job.

5. What do Lulu and Stephanie find back at Lulu's car?
(a) A torn-up doll.
(b) A bag of donuts.
(c) The windshield is broken.
(d) A note.

6. Where does Stephanie meet up with Tank?
(a) In the police station.
(b) At the car wash.
(c) At the apartment building of the drug dealer/addict.
(d) At a cafe.

7. Why does Benchy spend the night in his car?
(a) He has no place else to stay at the moment.
(b) Because Stephanie stays at her parents' home that night.
(c) He falls asleep on surveillance.
(d) He thinks his car is more comfortable than his bed.

8. What does Stephanie ask an old friend?
(a) To lend her a twenty.
(b) To keep an eye on her neighbor's house.
(c) To try to keep Bunchy from following Stephanie.
(d) To go with her to Atlantic City.

9. Where is the circular Bunchy points out?
(a) Propped over his face in the car where he is sleeping.
(b) In the magazine he is reading on the hood of his car.
(c) Under his hands to keep them clean as he does pushups.
(d) In the bag with the pictures.

10. From whom does Stephanie ask for help?
(a) Lulu.
(b) Morelli.
(c) Carol.
(d) Ranger.

11. Who does Ranger want Stephanie to chauffeur?
(a) A teenager from the airport to the home of some relatives.
(b) Ranger's mother.
(c) A retired mobster.
(d) A former Green beret that Ranger works with.

12. What does Stephanie believe Fred saw?
(a) A robbery of a crime boss.
(b) A murder being comitted.
(c) An opportunity to leave his wife.
(d) Someone dumping a body.

13. In what crime does Stephanie think Fred was engaged?
(a) Blackmail.
(b) Counterfeiting.
(c) Numbers running.
(d) Forgery.

14. What does Stephanie learn at RGC?
(a) That Fred is not listed as a customer.
(b) That Fred missed his last payment.
(c) That Fred is paid up for almost a year.
(d) That Fred always pays his bill by the year to get a discount.

15. How much time elapsed between the time Fred left home and made his first stop?
(a) 1 hour.
(b) 30 minutes.
(c) A few minutes.
(d) 3 hours.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Ranger take Stephanie the following day?

2. What is Bunchy doing when Stephanie sees him?

3. Where does Fred take his extra trash bags the Thursday before he disappears?

4. To whom does Stephanie refuse to give information?

5. What do the photos depict that are in Fred's desk?

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