High Five Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why is Stehanie's income uncertain and she must be good at what she does?

Stephanie's pay depends on the fugitives she brings in and the amount of their bond. If no one jumps bail or Stephanie is unable to bring them in, she gets no pay.

2. Why does Briggs say he cannot go with Stephanie and what does he do?

Stephanie goes to Briggs' apartment and tells him who she is, but Briggs refuses to allow her to take him in, claiming he is too busy to go to court on a bogus arrest. Briggs slams the door on Stephanie.

3. Why do you think Grandma Mazur wants Stephanie to find Fred?

Since Stephanie is a bounty hunter, her expertise is supposed to be in finding missing people, so her grandma naturally assumes she can find Fred.

4. What was Fred doing on the day he goes missing?

Fred went out to do the regular errands and disappeared. Fred was supposed to go to the dry cleaners, the grocery store, and the garbage collection company.

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