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Chapter 1

• Stephanie receives an FTA assignmnet--Randy Briggs. Briggs refuses to go with Stephanie.

• Stephanie's mother pages her to tell her that Stephanie's uncle Fred is missing.

• Fred goes out on some errands and does not return.

• One errand is to go and try to get a $2.00 refund from the garbage company for a missed service pick up.
• Fred's wife, Mabel, shows Stephanie some photos she finds in Fred's desk of a dismembered woman.

• Stephanie traces Fred's steps and learns his car is found abandoned.
• Stephanie gives the photos of the dismembered woman to Morelli.

• Stephanie asks Ranger for some extra work as she needs money. He agrees to hire her.

Chapters 2-3

• Stephanie waits in Briggs's apartment to pick him up, but he slips a note under the door and eludes her.

• Ranger asks Stephanie's help with a "redecorating" job, which turns out to be an eviction of...

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