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Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Vassago hide?

2. Why could Vassago not take Lindsey when he had arrived at her house?

3. Through how many detective agencies had Jonas sought his son?

4. What road did Vassago turn onto when leaving Silverado Canyon?

5. What did Jonas change careers to?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Regina's fears in the beginning with Hatch and Lindsey?

2. When Jeremy grabs Regina, he doesn't leave right away. Why not? How does he subdue her?

3. What does Nyebern find in the freezer when he goes for steaks?

4. What does Regina do for the first time to Hatch that she hasn't done yet for Lindsey?

5. What does Hatch see that sets off a rage, releasing Vassago?

6. What other events of importance does Jeremy remember?

7. What does Hatch realize when he finds out that Cooper is dead and why does that worry him?

8. How does Jeremy get Lindsey's address finally?

9. Why does Vassago hurt Loffman anyway?

10. What moral/ethical dilemma does Dr. Nyebern reflect on?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain Jeremy's behavior while he was still a boy. What should have been done with him following resuscitation? Provide an explanation as to why this wasn't done? How might the plot have been changed if this would have happened to Jeremy instead?

Essay Topic 2

What did Helga do to show her support for Dr. Nyebern's call? How did this display her consideration of Jonas' cause? Why did it support him? How would she have done things differently if she hadn't supported him?

Essay Topic 3

How did Regina portray herself while the Harrisons were considering adopting her, and why did she doe this? Is this a normal reaction for someone in her position? Why or why not? Do you think her behavior is understandable?

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