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1. Why had Lindsey and Hatch gone to the lake?

Lindsey and Hatch had gone to the lake attempting to regain some of their easiness they once had with each other. They both felt hollow after the death of their child, and the weight of the event never lifted from their shoulders, despite their best efforts.

2. Why did Lindsey fear being blind?

Lindsey feared being blind because she was an artist. She painted, and her talent took inspiration from the things she saw. She feared that without her sense of sight, her hands would be unable to render the images her eyes perceived.

3. How did the car end up at the bottom of the ravine?

The car ended up at the bottom of the ravine as it had lost control on the highway above, while trying to avoid a truck that had crossed the lanes on an angle in front of them. When the front bumper clipped the semi, the car slammed into the guardrail until it gave way and sent them tumbling into the ravine.

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