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Big Bear Lake

A place where Lindsey and Hatch vacationed.

Orange County General Hospital

The place where Hatch is resuscitated.

Resuscitation Medical Project

This is the pet project of Jonas Nyebern, and his main reason for living, as he has no real life outside of his work.

The Hideaway

The bottom of an elevator shaft in an abandoned amusement park.

St. Thomas's Church

This is where Regina was adopted.

Harrison's Antiques

The living of the couple who lost the son is made here.

Blue Skies Motel

A seedy place rife with hookers and johns.

Laguna Niguel

A suburb in which the Harrisons live.

Rip It

A punk club that Vassago chooses some of his victims from.

Fantasy World

An amusement park.

The Milipede

This is the last place Tod Ledderbeck was before his death.

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