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Essay Topic 1

What did Helga do to show her support for Dr. Nyebern's call? How did this display her consideration of Jonas' cause? Why did it support him? How would she have done things differently if she hadn't supported him?

Essay Topic 2

How did Regina portray herself while the Harrisons were considering adopting her, and why did she doe this? Is this a normal reaction for someone in her position? Why or why not? Do you think her behavior is understandable?

Essay Topic 3

Provide an explanation as to why Hatch and Jeremy maintained such a close bond throughout the novel, despite their dislike of each other and their values. Explain what might have been the authors objective in creating this connection.

Essay Topic 4

Discuss the character of Lindsey. How does she prove herself to be a dynamic character throughout the novel? In what ways does she go through...

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