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Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Maggie's benefit concert to be held?

2. Who looked after the Lake Club grounds?

3. What won't Maggie tell her own team?

4. What was the party in honor of?

5. What is his last conscious thought of when he is beaten?

Short Essay Questions

1. What effect does this information have on Maggie's conviction?

2. What does Peter say on the stand that he hopes will hang Maggie?

3. What is Will's demeanor when Palmer enters his room in Rio?

4. What two things does Maggie refuse to do to help herself and her defense team?

5. What does Norma finally get the groundskeeper from the Lake Club to admit?

6. What is Will's emotional state after the premiere and once he has returned home?

7. How does Will finally manage to conspire to meet Maggie again?

8. What is the first scene that Will is asked to play in Primrose?

9. What irritated Will the most about life?

10. How does Will handle his premiere of Primrose?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Evil is evident in this novel on several layers. What evil is openly displayed and by which character or characters? What are some examples of more subtle evil? Which characters displayed these qualities? How does evil come into being? Are we born with it, or are the circumstances of our lives what make us become evil? What kinds of circumstances might make a person evil who did not start out that way?

Essay Topic 2

Vannie molests Will and ushers him into sexuality. How does this affect the way he treats women in his adult life? What is his attitude towards women? Why is it so unlikely that he will have a healthy relationship after Vannie abuses him? What should have happened to Vannie? If legal action had been taken, would Will have been any different with the women in his life? Why or why not? What damage is not likely undone without therapy if at all?

Essay Topic 3

The effect media has on any given situation is well documented. What effect did the media have in this novel? What characters were changed by things that were written about them and why? In real life comparisons, how are people in the media affected by the things that are written about them? What famous examples of the media's abuse of power and the written word come to mind when the term 'Papparazzi' is used?

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