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Short Answer Questions

1. What else does Patrick do?

2. What did he teach at the West Point Academy?

3. Who does Patrick name his hotel after?

4. What made the self-defense claim Maggie used credible?

5. What do newspapers from the Newburgh, Cornwall, Middletown area call the first shooting?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Maggie writing all of this from a prison cell?

2. How does Maggie finally get an interview with singer/producer Barry Kahn?

3. What are the issues that bring Phillip to the edge of insanity and make him want to kill his family?

4. How does the press describe Will Shepherd?

5. Why is Maggie hiding under the porch with her three-year-old?

6. What causes Maggie to behave in a manner that is totally out of character for her?

7. Who does Maggie talk to as part of her upcoming murder trial and for what purpose?

8. How do Patrick O'Malley and Maggie Bradford meet?

9. How does Will's new headmaster at Fulham Road Primary School describe Will?

10. What happens to Will's concentration in the final seconds of the World Cup game that causes them to lose it?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Vannie molests Will and ushers him into sexuality. How does this affect the way he treats women in his adult life? What is his attitude towards women? Why is it so unlikely that he will have a healthy relationship after Vannie abuses him? What should have happened to Vannie? If legal action had been taken, would Will have been any different with the women in his life? Why or why not? What damage is not likely undone without therapy if at all?

Essay Topic 2

Palmer was in a position to intervene on his brother's behalf on more than one occasion. Why is it that he didn't, according to the novel? If he had, what changes would have occurred? Which lives would have been affected had Palmer chosen to turn Will in when he found him in the hotel in Rio, for example? How might this have impacted Will's life and Palmer as well?

Essay Topic 3

The effect media has on any given situation is well documented. What effect did the media have in this novel? What characters were changed by things that were written about them and why? In real life comparisons, how are people in the media affected by the things that are written about them? What famous examples of the media's abuse of power and the written word come to mind when the term 'Papparazzi' is used?

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