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These become especially meaningful during Maggie's recovery after the death of her first husband, Philip.


Will Shepard is presumed murdered by this which he owned and kept at the Lake Club.


This is the name of Patrick O'Malley's yacht.


This is Will's first movie.

The Cornelia Hotel

This is Patrick O'Malley's final project.

World Cup

Will plays for the American team and goes to this.

San Francisco

Maggie is to have a big comeback concert in this city.


Will and his team lose the World Cup in this city.


Will films a movie here where he has an affair with his co-star.

West Point

Philip Bradford is a military officer who taught math at the academy in this place.

Greenbriar Road

Maggie buys a house on this road.

Lake Club Country Club

This club shares a border with Maggie's house.

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