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Prologue: Chapters 1-2

• Maggie Bradford lies under the front porch of her home near West Point.

• She covers the mouth of her three year old daughter Jennie, whispering comforting phrases.

• She can hear her husband Phillip in the house above her, rampaging from room to room.

• She begs Jennie to be brave and above all to be quiet and the young girl wets herself in fear.

• Maggie holds her close, going over every avenue of escape in her mind and knowing they will all fail.

• Deep down, she knows that if he finds them, he will kill them.

• This is his worst episode of rage and insanity yet.

• She can hardly recognize him as the man that she married.

• Phillip, who is a Math teacher at West Point has many guns in the house and she has good reason to fear him.

• He presents himself as an officer...

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