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Margot Lee Shetterly
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Short Answer Questions

1. How had Katherine Goble Johnson's father taught her to treat other people?

2. What important research had the men in The Flight Research Division presented just weeks before Katherine Goble Johnson was sent to work there?

3. Why did Dorothy Hoover leave NACA?

4. What was the purpose of the document titled "Introduction to Outer Space" that was prepared by President Eisenhower's Advisory Committee on Science?

5. What instruction did Katherine Goble Johnson give her daughters' principal after her husband died?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the disbanding of West Area Computing affect Dorothy Vaughan?

2. Why was there confusion about which room to place Katherine Goble Johnson's mother in when she was in the hospital?

3. What was Mary Jackson's reaction the first time she walked into Hampton High School to take engineering classes?

4. Why was Katherine Goble Johnson prohibited from attending the editorial meetings?

5. Why did the East Computing girls laugh at Mary Jackson when she asked them where the bathroom was?

6. What made the theoretical group an especially good place for women to work?

7. In the 1950s, what made Dorothy Vaughan believe that the nature of the computers' jobs would be changing?

8. What was one major change that occurred when NACA became NASA?

9. Why did Katherine Goble Johnson eat at her desk when she worked in the Flight Research Division?

10. How did the governor of Virginia respond to the Brown v. Board of Education ruling and what was the result?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay explaining why Shetterly includes a discussion of the original Star Trek television series. What was important about the series? How did it relate to the civil rights movement? How did the series relate to the work being done at Langley?

Essay Topic 2

Langley indicates that segregation was not only detrimental to black Americans, but also to white Americans. Write an essay describing the negative impacts of segregation on America as a whole. How did segregation impact the education system? How did it impact transportation? How did it impact world affairs?

Essay Topic 3

Shetterly periodically introduces a new individual in the book, which helps to move the story forward into the future. Write an essay describing the way in which Shetterly introduces individuals and how that keeps the timeline of the book moving forward. Why does Shetterly introduce individuals in the way she does? How does her introduction of new individuals show the way in which the work one woman did helped the next woman to succeed?

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