Hidden Figures Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Margot Lee Shetterly
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Prologue, Chapters 1-5

This Lesson Plan uses references to African Americans as "blacks" and Caucasians as "whites" to reflect the language used by the author of Hidden Figures; this language is also reflects usage during the particular moment in history that the book is tracking.

• In the Prologue, the author explains that she became interested in the story of the black female computers when her father mentioned that her Sunday School teacher had been one of the computers.

• As the author was growing up, she often went to her father’s office at NASA’s Langley Research Center, so she grew up around African Americans who worked in scientific fields.

• Shetterly discovered that many women, both black and white, worked at Langley in the early days of aeronautical research.

• In Chapter One, A Door Opens, Melvin Butler was tasked with staffing NACA, which was rapidly growing.

• Melvin hired...

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