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Short Answer Questions

1. Who picks Herzog up at the ferry station?

2. According to one of Herzog's favorite sources, what is "true friendship"?

3. What does Herzog tell himself he should write instead of letters?

4. What does Madeleine tell Shapiro she is preparing for?

5. What pushes Sandor over the edge?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Herzog call his brother, Will?

2. Why does Herzog think a holiday should start with a train ride?

3. Describe Taube.

4. For what does Herzog blame Dr. Edvig?

5. Why does Herzog call Simkin?

6. How does June react when she sees Herzog in Chapter 8?

7. What happens when Herzog arrives at the police station?

8. What does Herzog do on his outings with Marco?

9. What does Herzog try to convince Phoebe to do?

10. Decribe Shura Herzog.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One of the major themes in Herzog is the idea of reality versus the ideal. How do events in the novel perpetuate this theme? How do the main characters, particularly Herzog, embody the idea of someone searching for reality against the ideal? Highlight at least three instances in which this theme is evident in the novel.

Essay Topic 2

Herzog's relationships with women differ. At some points he is a dedicated husband, while at others he has affairs with different women. Is Herzog merely a playboy or is he truly looking for love that he cannot find? Choose a side and cite at least three examples from the text to support the response. Be sure to thoroughly explain how each event/instance supports the thesis.

Essay Topic 3

A major theme in the novel is sanity or the lack thereof. How are sanity and insanity/mental instability portrayed in the novel? What does each represent? What characters fit into each category? How do the characters on the insanity side try to move towards sanity? Use specific examples from the text.

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