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Chapter 1

* Moses Herzog lives alone in the Berkshires, writing letters to anyone he can think of, including those he does not know. He jots down random thoughts throughout the day. * Herzog works giving adult-education lectures in a New York night school. * As Herzog lies in his house, he debates his own character with himself in his thoughts * Herzog's first wife was Daisy, and his second wife was Madeleine. When he married Madeleine, Herzog left teaching. * After the Herzogs moved to Chicago, Madeleine divorced Herzog and he traveled to Europe. * Herzog goes to see Dr. Emmerich, who tells Herzog he is not sick and suggests he take a vacation. * Herzog is having an affair with Ramona. * Herzog decides to take a vacation and his friend, Libbie, invites him to stay with her family.

Chapter 2

* Herzog takes a cab to the train station, where he boards a train for Martha's...

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