The Son of Neptune Short Essay - Answer Key

Rick Riordan
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1. From what perspective are Chapters I-IV told, and what advantage does this offer readers?

Chapters I-IV are told in the third-person and limited omniscient perspective. This offers readers knowledge into Percy and his inner thoughts.

2. Where do the two gorgons chasing Percy finally corner him, and how does he handle the situation?

The two gorgons, Eurayle and Sthenos, finally corner Percy on a hilltop, where he must either fight them or jump off the other side. Percy ends up stealing Sthenos' food tray, hitting her in the head with it, and using it to slide down the hill.

3. Describe the old woman on the hillside, and the two options she offers Percy.

The old woman on the hillside is described by Percy as a smelly old hippy without teeth who has been homeless for about forty years. The woman says her name is June and gives Percy two options: 1) He can run to the ocean where he will be safe forever, or 2) He can carry her to the tunnel, go inside, cross a river and take whatever fate dishes out to him. The catch - if he doesn't go into the tunnel everyone he knew and loved in his life and all of the gods will be destroyed.

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