Objects & Places from The Son of Neptune

Rick Riordan
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Camp Jupiter

This is the Roman demigod training camp, where the demigods also live as they grow old.


This is the name of a pen that turns into a sword made of Celestial bronze.

Frank's piece of wood

Frank was given this object by the goddess Juno when he was a baby, and it will determine the length of his life.

The Little Tiber

This river represents the line between Greek and Roman mythology.

The Fifth Cohort

This is the legion that Frank, Percy and Hazel belong to. It is a joke at Camp Jupiter.

Precious gems and metals

Hazel is cursed with the ability to control these objects. It is both a blessing and a curse.

The Feast of Fortuna

This is the date when Polybotes and his army will destroy the Roman demigod training camp.

The Mist

The magic worked by the gods and the...

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