The Son of Neptune Fun Activities

Rick Riordan
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Character Relationships

This book has a lot of characters, and sometimes it may get confusing how they are all related to one another. Write all of the characters' name on a large piece of paper; draw a circle around each name; make connection lines between all characters who have a relationship with other characters, being sure to mark what that relationship is along the line. For example, they may be 'Father/son,' 'married,' 'friends,' 'enemies,' etc.

Setting Collage

Create a collage of the book's settings by cutting images out of a magazine that relate to the book.

Book Review

Write a professional sounding book review of "Heroes of Olympus, Book Two: The Son of Neptune" like one you would see on the back of the book, in a newspaper, or online.

Who is Rick Riordan?

Create a collage about the author, Rick Riordan. Include...

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