The Son of Neptune Character Descriptions

Rick Riordan
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Percy Jackson

The book begins with this demigod having lost his memory and not knowing what powers he possesses.

Hazel Levasque

This individual has a gift of finding precious gems and metals, but the gift is also a curse. She is guarding a big secret at the beginning of the story.

Frank Zhang

At the beginning of the book, this 16-year-old from Canada seems clumsy, but he eventually learns that he has his father's tactical abilities and his mother's ability to change into animals.


This individual is the daughter of the Greek war goddess and is the girlfriend of the demigod who has lost his memory at the beginning of the story.


The protector of Rome, this goddess has the ability to be a wolf and is discussed in the book, but is never seen.

Neptune, Poseidon

This Roman god of the sea is known by...

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