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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the goddess from the Hindu goddess-virgin story?
(a) Parvati
(b) Paramona
(c) Privita
(d) Prekesh

2. Since _____ can be dangerous, Campbell suggests this is why it is marked by detailed, mythically grounded prayer.
(a) Faith
(b) Death
(c) Life
(d) Birth

3. The Hero is free to live because he has lived true _________.
(a) Freedom
(b) Peace
(c) Understanding
(d) Meaning

4. The man-hero must break the tyrant's control and relate his spiritual ________.
(a) Understanding
(b) Meaning
(c) Power
(d) Truth

5. Whenever the poetry of myth is interpreted as is ________.
(a) Weakened
(b) Killed
(c) Made powerful
(d) Made more relevant

Short Answer Questions

1. The goal is an ultimate reunion between physical and _________ worlds.

2. What is the first effect of the cosmogonic emanations of universal power?

3. Every individual member of the human race has a responsibility to become a __________.

4. On which ritual from Christianity does Campbell focus his efforts?

5. "The aim is not to _______, but to realize that one is, that essence."

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