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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Hero's reward is to live without __________ to the world and to daily life.
(a) Commitment
(b) Frustration
(c) Conflict
(d) Attachment

2. What is the purpose of baptism, at least on its surface?
(a) Create a fresh start
(b) Wash away original sin
(c) Help the church recognize that person
(d) Bring person into the church

3. About Mary: "....her womb, remaining fallow as the primordial abyss, summons to itself...the original power that fertilized the _______."
(a) Space
(b) World
(c) Void
(d) Human race

4. Over time, the ______ myths have evolved to incorporate symbols and meanings more relevant to those who hear them.
(a) Core
(b) Worthwhile
(c) Relevant
(d) Popular

5. What kind of element is the fire of the ritual in #125?
(a) Feminine
(b) Masculine
(c) Genderless
(d) Both genders

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose example of centuries long sleep does Campbell use?

2. When myths are reinterpreted from older times to modern times, the link between the perspectives is ___________.

3. Myths have a direct relationship with the __________ experience of humanity.

4. Who is the transforming medium?

5. The Hero is often endowed with the ability to pass back and forth between ______________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Campbell suggest every individual member of the human race has a responsibility to do?

2. Summarize "The Universal Round."

3. Over time, what has happened to core myths, according to Campbell?

4. What occurs in "Freedom to Live"?

5. What does Campbell say happens when the poetry of myth is interpreted as biography, history, or science?

6. Summarize "The Crossing of the Return Threshold."

7. Summarize "Within Space - Life."

8. Summarize "The Virgin Birth - Mother Universe."

9. What occurs in "The Master of the Two Worlds"?

10. Summarize "The Matrix of Destiny."

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