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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Campbell quote at length in this section?
(a) Kata Vata
(b) Kretilan verse
(c) Kalevala
(d) Scandanavian bedtime stories

2. The Hero has two problems when he returns. One problem is that he needs to present what he has learned to those who ___________ his message.
(a) Don't understand
(b) Don't want to hear
(c) Don't believe
(d) Don't care about

3. What is the second effect of the cosmogonic emanations of universal power?
(a) Production of life
(b) Energy buildup
(c) Movement into spiritual understanding
(d) Framing of the world stage of space

4. What is the simple answer to why the Hero would want to return to a world after his journey?
(a) It's necessary.
(b) It's part of the book.
(c) It's impossible to avoid.
(d) There is no simple answer.

5. Since _____ can be dangerous, Campbell suggests this is why it is marked by detailed, mythically grounded prayer.
(a) Death
(b) Faith
(c) Life
(d) Birth

Short Answer Questions

1. The end of the life of the _______ is portrayed as a return to the state in which life and consciousness came into being.

2. The _______ exists in the conscious; the conscious opens itself to the sub-conscious.

3. What kind of element is the water of the ritual in #125?

4. Who is the transforming medium?

5. When does the human being in question become at one with the source of human energy during this pattern of #140?

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