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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. All things, moral and ________, beautiful and ________ emerge from this central area.
(a) Unjust, plain
(b) Just, attractive
(c) Immoral, ugly
(d) Right, positive

2. What does the Hero have to conquer in order to gain knowledge?
(a) His family
(b) Evil
(c) His faith
(d) Dragons

3. Who is the figure that returns with the Ten Commandments?
(a) Jacob
(b) Jesus
(c) Moses
(d) David

4. Who is both of the world and of the spirit, both male and female?
(a) Boddhisattva
(b) Buddha
(c) Apollo
(d) Jesus

5. The encounter with the Father is a symbol of ________.
(a) Initiation
(b) Ritual
(c) Movement
(d) Growth

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose womb nourishes life?

2. What is the source of these inexhaustible energies?

3. To what do the nurturing and life giving aspects of the Ogre Father and Goddess Mother archetypes correspond?

4. The Hero must accomplish the task of #77 or he will face ________.

5. Who is often portrayed as being one with his spouse, Shakti?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when the Hero is a young woman? How does "The Meeting with the Goddess" take place?

2. What is the duality as Campbell sees it in Christianity?

3. Describe the idea of "The Crossing of the First Threshold."

4. What does Campbell suggest is the ultimate point of the Hero's journey?

5. How did cities note the presence of a world navel in their construction and layout?

6. Why is the atonement such an important stage for the Hero's Journey?

7. Describe what happens in "The Meeting with the Goddess."

8. What is the main idea of "The Woman as the Temptress"?

9. Describe the idea of "Refusal of the Call."

10. Summarize the content of "The Magic Flight."

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