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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who vanquished the dragon?
(a) Reginald Theberry
(b) Contance Emeritus
(c) Christan St. Martha
(d) Jonas St. Thomas

2. Intellect and language are too ________; symbols and myth are boundless in their capacity.
(a) Large
(b) Limited
(c) Unlimited
(d) Small

3. The future of each life is contained in the various manifestations of the _____________.
(a) Myths
(b) Stories
(c) Universal goddess
(d) Heroes

4. The spouse of the mother universe is the ____________.
(a) The seeker of myths
(b) Hero
(c) Invisible unknown.
(d) The writer of stories

5. When does the human being in question become at one with the source of human energy during this pattern of #140?
(a) Birth
(b) Marriage
(c) Deep sleep/dreamless experience
(d) Death

6. What is the first effect of the cosmogonic emanations of universal power?
(a) Framing of the world stage of space
(b) Energy buildup
(c) Vibrating noises
(d) Quiet

7. The characteristics of the physical world are ultimately a kind of ___________.
(a) Disguise
(b) Illusion
(c) Clothing
(d) Power

8. Who is the transforming medium?
(a) The spirit of the earth
(b) The mother of the world
(c) The father of the world
(d) The Hero

9. Death is the opportunity for ______ with the Unmoved Mover.
(a) Peace
(b) Living
(c) Resting
(d) Re-union

10. The Hero is free to live because he has lived true _________.
(a) Freedom
(b) Understanding
(c) Peace
(d) Meaning

11. The Hero has two problems when he returns. One problem is that he needs to present what he has learned to those who ___________ his message.
(a) Don't understand
(b) Don't believe
(c) Don't want to hear
(d) Don't care about

12. Death can be just as dangerous as the journey into _________.
(a) Life
(b) Peace
(c) Spirit
(d) Truth

13. The Hero is often endowed with the ability to pass back and forth between ______________.
(a) Right and wrong
(b) The two worlds
(c) Spirit and non-spirit
(d) Truth and disbelief

14. Separation of ___________ is a universal symbol for the separation from the spirit.
(a) Male and female
(b) Truth and fiction
(c) Right and wrong
(d) Yin and yang

15. What includes specific references, that Campbell quotes, to the human body becoming one with the parts of the gods?
(a) Koran
(b) Book of the Dead
(c) Bible
(d) Torah

Short Answer Questions

1. The goal is an ultimate reunion between physical and _________ worlds.

2. Who is shown a vision of the infinite all-powerful Krishna?

3. The second task of the man-hero is to transcend the _________ spiritually.

4. "The freedom won from the malice of the symbolized as a _________."

5. What kind of element is the water of the ritual in #125?

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