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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what do the nurturing and life giving aspects of the Ogre Father and Goddess Mother archetypes correspond?
(a) Ego
(b) Superego
(c) Freudian eros
(d) Freudian pathos

2. Who is the half human/half bull child of an enchanted queen?
(a) Babylonian prince
(b) Greek slave
(c) Roman peasant
(d) Cretan minotaur

3. "A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of ___________..."
(a) Stark reality
(b) Ethereal madness
(c) Painful suffering
(d) Supernatural wonder

4. What is a narrative form anchored in the pain and fear of that ultimate truth of death?
(a) Happiness
(b) Tragedy
(c) Frustration
(d) Joy

5. Who is both of the world and of the spirit, both male and female?
(a) Apollo
(b) Buddha
(c) Jesus
(d) Boddhisattva

6. What kind of myth is the story of the man who dreamed of killing his father and taking care of his mother?
(a) Disturbed
(b) Narcissius
(c) Unrealistic
(d) Oedipal

7. The Native American priest calls this central area the absolute ________ of the land beneath the sky.
(a) Equality
(b) Middle
(c) Center
(d) Balance

8. Who was turned into a flower for refusing the advances of Apollo?
(a) Daphne
(b) Hera
(c) Diana
(d) Aphrodite

9. Who was "swallowed" by the ocean after being dismembered by his evil brother?
(a) Tutankamen
(b) Osiris
(c) Hepuset
(d) Set

10. What is NOT a symbol of this central item, as referenced in #25 and #26?
(a) Fountain
(b) Whale
(c) Tree
(d) Mountain

11. What does Campbell say all cities build in order to represent the idea of this central area?
(a) A pyre
(b) A library
(c) A pit
(d) A religious temple

12. What is ultimately glorious in life and in celebrations of love and beauty?
(a) Time
(b) Journey
(c) Peace
(d) Dedication

13. Who was in love with Jason and thus helped him in his quest?
(a) Medea
(b) Methusa
(c) Hera
(d) Trinia

14. "No longer can the Hero rest in _______ with the Goddess....for she has become the queen of sin."
(a) Peace
(b) Calm
(c) Safety
(d) Innocence

15. What is the goal of the Hero's journey?
(a) To win
(b) Union
(c) Commitment
(d) Peace

Short Answer Questions

1. How many types of journeys are available when the Hero decides to return?

2. What is the spiritual city, and thus center for those who practice the Muslim faith?

3. How might the Father figure be described?

4. In many Hero stories, the Hero decides __________ after his journey.

5. What joins at this central area as described in #28?

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