The Hero with a Thousand Faces Character Descriptions

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The Author (Joseph Campbell)

This person was an American teacher, lecturer, and writer whose work was almost exclusively in the field of mythology. He studied and commented on numerous aspects of myth - its function, history, and cultural context, the similarities and differences between the various myths of various societies, and the relationship between myth and human psychology.

Sigmund Freud

This person was a groundbreaking psychoanalyst and psychologist, whose theories revolutionized medical and popular thinking about the functioning of the human psyche. In essence, he observed and taught that the psyche was defined by three motivating forces: the id (raw, emotional, ungoverned, internal, subconscious human impulses); the ego (the conscious sense of self defined by external experience and relationships); and the super-ego (the sub-conscious, spiritual, higher self that struggled with the id for control over the ego and the self).

Carl Jung

This person was a psychoanalyst, writer...

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