The Hero with a Thousand Faces Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Prologue: Section 1

• Noted author and mythologist Joseph Campbell uses the story of the hero as a springboard to explore essential human truths.

• The Monomyth offers theories of the importance of myth in culture, society, and experience.

• Myth and Dream begins discussion of the sub-conscious.

• The universe experiences are archetypes.

• Example of man killing father and taking care of his mother.

• Example of female musician aided by wise old man.

• Various cultures will be cross-referenced.

Prologue: Section 2

• Tragedy and Comedy - both aspects of the same experience of living.

• The Hero and the God - Hero embarks on journey, encounters outside forces, wins, and then returns to share gifts with common man.

• The Hero is gifted and brings enlightenment to others.

Prologue, Section 3

• The World Navel - There is a central image from which all truth flows, aka center of existence.

• Everything emerges from the World Navel.

• Ex. God...

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