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Ralph Freedman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With whom did Hesse break because of politics?
(a) Samuel Fischer.
(b) Hugo Ball.
(c) Ludwig Finckh.
(d) Carlo Hamelehle.

2. What did Hesse's followers say about his writing after "Steppenwolf"?
(a) He surrendered to mass culture.
(b) He had withdrawn from mass culture.
(c) He was tormented by the conflicts inside himself.
(d) He was swayed by religion.

3. What caused people to leave Germany in 1933?
(a) The German war reparations clause in the peace that concluded WW I.
(b) The rise of the National Socialists.
(c) The decline of law and order.
(d) The rise of communism.

4. Where did Hesse spend the summer of 1945?
(a) Baden.
(b) Rigi-Kaltbad.
(c) Calw.
(d) Montagnola.

5. How was "Demian" received?
(a) It did not get much notice.
(b) It was overshadowed by the war.
(c) It was a success.
(d) It was a crushing defeat.

6. Where would Hesse spend time with Ruth Wenger?
(a) In Monaco.
(b) In Carona.
(c) In Nice.
(d) In Montagnola.

7. What did Hans and Elsie Bodmer do for Hesse?
(a) Kept his garden for him.
(b) Educated his children.
(c) Gave him a place to stay during his travels.
(d) Built a house for him.

8. What happened when Hesse was called fro duty in 1915?
(a) He failed the physical.
(b) He entered service but never returned from his first leave.
(c) He ran away.
(d) He got his family to hire a lawyer to get him out of his service.

9. What was the subject of Hesse's book "Rosshalde"?
(a) Hesse's unhappy marriage.
(b) The Hesses' lives in 1912-13.
(c) Hesse's childhood.
(d) Hesse's children's birth.

10. How was "Siddhartha" received?
(a) Critics lambasted it.
(b) Readers rejected it.
(c) Critics lionized it.
(d) It was accepted, and its following grew over the years.

11. Which side did Hesse favor in WW I?
(a) Hesse remained neutral and disinterested.
(b) Hesse campaigned actively against the war.
(c) The Germans.
(d) The English.

12. What does Freedman say the period of Hesse's renewed writing and painting after separating from his wife is called?
(a) Hesse's renewal.
(b) Hesse's transition.
(c) Hesse's renaissance.
(d) Hesse's third new life.

13. What was Hesse planning to do when he visited the spa in Baden in 1923?
(a) Visit India.
(b) Divorce his wife.
(c) Marry Ruth.
(d) Leave Europe.

14. Who was Hesse lecturing on while he was writing "Siddhartha"?
(a) Carlyle.
(b) Emerson.
(c) Dostoevsky.
(d) Tolstoy.

15. Which book resulted from Hesse's experiences of 1923?
(a) "Siddhartha."
(b) "Piktor's Metamorphoses."
(c) "Steppenwolf."
(d) "Demian."

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Ruth Wenger?

2. What did Hesse realize about his problems in 1922?

3. According to Freedman, what is unique about "Steppenwolf" when compared to Hesse's other works?

4. Where was the house Hesse rented in Ostermundigen located?

5. What caused stress and illness for Hesse?

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