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Short Answer Questions

1. After the natural disaster, which males survived?

2. What does Terry suppose the women of an all-female society would be like?

3. After descending the cliff, what does the men follow?

4. In the past, what reduced the population of the women's society?

5. What animal does Somel say is present on her society's land?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the men think of the games that the guards play?

2. What is awaiting the men when they awake and leave their room in Chapter 3?

3. In the past, what happened to all of the men in the women's society?

4. What was Gilman's childhood like?

5. What do the men see from the plane in Chapter 1?

6. What do the men note about the town in Chapter 2?

7. Why did the women's society discard their pantheistic gods of war?

8. What do the tutors tell the men when they are returned to their prison?

9. What do the men notice about the forest that they walk through in Chapter 2?

10. What does Terry do to prepare for the expedition?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the gender roles in the men's society and the gender roles in Herland. How are the similar and different?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss and analyze the protagonist of the novel, Vandyck. What are his defining characteristics? What is his occupation? Why does his occupation and overall perspective make him a reliable narrator in this situation?

Essay Topic 3

What is Social Darwinism? Did Gilman believe in Social Darwinism? What connections can be found between Social Darwinism and the novel "Herland"?

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