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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the men have a hard time conveying their ideas about to the women they are courting?
(a) Relationships.
(b) Leaving Herland.
(c) Religion.
(d) Families.

2. What is suggested to have disappeared due to the lack of men?
(a) Warfare.
(b) "Feminine" clothing.
(c) Athletics.
(d) Eating meat.

3. What does Moadine assume about poor women?
(a) That they are lazy.
(b) That they do not have children.
(c) That they are unmarried.
(d) That they are happy.

4. In Chapter 10, what are Herland's women said not to believe in?
(a) Independent thought.
(b) Ghosts.
(c) Preventative medicine.
(d) Life after death.

5. What complaint does Terry have about Herland society in Chapter 9?
(a) It is too perfect.
(b) It is too girly.
(c) It is too disorganized.
(d) It is too impoverished.

6. What happens when Vandyke tells Ellador about infant damnation?
(a) Ellador begins to cry.
(b) Ellador slaps him.
(c) Ellador faints.
(d) Ellador turns pale.

7. How does Alima feel about Terry after they marry?
(a) Curious.
(b) Disinterested.
(c) Enamored.
(d) Repulsed.

8. Where does Ellador go for comfort when she is upset in Chapter 10?
(a) To her mother-teacher's house.
(b) To see Alima.
(c) To her room to be alone.
(d) The nearest temple.

9. Which of the girls is assigned to court Vandyck?
(a) Ellador.
(b) Alima.
(c) Zava.
(d) Ceris.

10. Who does Moadine say the men would have to face if they ever hurt any of the women?
(a) A panel of elder judges.
(b) A life in prison.
(c) A million mothers.
(d) A violent end.

11. Why are food-bearing trees considered better than field crops?
(a) Trees attract birds.
(b) Trees take up less space.
(c) Trees also provide shelter.
(d) Trees produce food year round.

12. How does Jeff regard the girl who is assigned to court him?
(a) Jeff is friendly with her.
(b) Jeff dislikes her.
(c) Jeff idealizes her.
(d) Jeff feels burdened by her.

13. Who accompanies the men on their tour of the country?
(a) Modine.
(b) Their three tutors.
(c) Ellador, Ceris and Alima.
(d) The Herland Elders.

14. By Chapter 10, what are the men actively hiding from the women?
(a) The ills of the outside world.
(b) That the men are in love with the women.
(c) That the men are documenting Herland's culture.
(d) A planned escape from Herland.

15. What do the women of Herland have to do to honor their Mother Goddess?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Make sacrifices.
(c) Behave a certain way.
(d) Follow the directions of the religious texts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What fraction of the total American female population is made up of poor women?

2. What are girls in Herland raised to believe?

3. What occupations did the men take on?

4. What does Terry say is the only thing the women can think of in relation to men?

5. What word does Ellador ask Vandyke to define in Chapter 10?

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