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• The introduction to the novel is written by Ann J. Lane.

• Lane characterizes "Herland" as a feminist-socialist satire.

• Author Charlotte Perkins Gilman had a difficult childhood - her father abandoned his family and her mother struggled to raise her daughter alone.

• Gilman married in 1884 at the age of twenty-four. Her husband was Charles Walter Stetson, an artist.

• Gilman gave birth to a daughter, Katherine Beecher

• Gilman was forced to under go a "rest cure" to recover from the postpartum depression complicated by an unhappy marriage and the effects of her tumultuous childhood.

• The rest cure prohibited Gilman from writing and reading - she fled the rest cure and left her family to go to California.
• Gilman divorced Charles Walter Stetson and took custody of their daughter in California.

• In time, Gilman's career became more established.

• Gilman became interested in socialism and the women's movement.

• Gilman lectured about...

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