Heretics of Dune Short Answer Test - Answer Key

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1. What numbered ghola is at the beginning of the story?


2. Where does the story begin?


3. Who are Schwangyu and Lucilla?

Reverend Mothers.

4. How old is the child on the lawn?

Twelve standard years.

5. What word comes to mind when Lucilla thinks of Schwangyu?


6. Where do the Honored Matres come from?

The Scattering.

7. What can Sheeana control?

Giant worms.

8. Who is Miles Teg's most trusted aide?


9. What is Lucilla's job with the ghola?


10. What is the ghola called?

Duncan Idaho.

11. Who is Reverend Mother Superior?


12. Who does Lucilla look like?


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