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Create a new cover image

Books can have differing cover images from first editions to reprints. Draw a new cover for "Heretics of Dune." Make sure the cover references the book's plot without giving anything away.

Create a movie soundtrack

Pretend "Heretics of Dune" is being made into the latest science fiction movie. Create a movie soundtrack with 12 to 14 songs. Write a 1 to 2 sentence description explaining what scene each song would accompany and why it is appropriate.

Write a character acrostic poem

Acrostic poems take a character or person's name and use each letter as the first letter of a word or phrase describing the character. Choose one of the book's main characters and write an acrostic poem for them. Keep in mind the character's personality and actions throughout the book.

Create a Bene Gesserit rulebook

The Bene Gesserit are adamant about their rules and the way their...

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