Heretics of Dune Character Descriptions

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Sheeana Brugh

Born on the planet Rakis, this character is a Fremen child and can ride the worm.

Duncan Idaho

This character is a ghola reincarnation of the great sword master of House Atreides.

Reverend Mother Bellonda

This character is a Bene Gesserit Archivist.


This character is the chosen successor to become the new Supreme Bashar.


This character serves as an acolyte in the Bene Gesserit Keep on Rakis and sacrifices their life.

Reverend Mother Lucilla

This character is a trained Bene Gesserit Imprinter.


This character is a young Honored Matre postulant on Gammu.

Jafa Muzzafar

This character is the Regional Commander for the Forces of Dur.

Reverend Mother Darwi Odrade

This character is a descendant of the legendary Siona Atreides.


This character finds an ancient Harkonnen no-chamber during childhood and keeps it a secret.

Reverend Mother Schwangyu

This character is opposed to the...

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