Here on Earth Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why has March brought her daughter, Gwen, with her to bury Judith Dale and settle her estate?

March has brought Gwen with her to Massachusetts because she doesn't trust her daughter. This is because March has found birth control pills in Gwen's backpack, pot and rolling papers in her night table, and Gwen walks around with a look that concerns Marck.

2. When March was growing up, who was everyone's favorite lawyer and why?

As a girl, there were two lawyers, her father and Bill Justice. Of the two, Henry Murray is more likable. He gives peppermint drops to the children.

3. Describe Judith's garden as March finds it in Chapter 1.

Judith's garden looks like it did when March was growing up. It contains spearmint and scallions. March also sees the last of the cabbages lined up against the fence.

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